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Ghost Quest York

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Experience an escape room the size of a city! Walk through the heart of York solving riddles and WIN the delicious prize at the end!

Start in the city with just your team and a smartphone. Navigate the route by solving puzzles, using strategy, creativity and logic. Each correct answer unlocks the next ghost story and stage of the quest!

The Ghost Quest is self-guided so you can play at your own pace. See the city, and stop for a coffee when you've found the perfect spot ☕

Your purchase is valid for a full year so if you have to change the plan, you've got plenty of time to reschedule.

The Ghost Quest works best in teams of 2 - 8 and kids under 8yrs old play for free!

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"The clues were great and the writing was very funny, we laughed a lot. We saw so much of York; things that we have walked past many times but never noticed. It's a great way to see something of the city, bits that you don't know are there, and learn a bit of history at the same time."
- Karen Hayward
"We really enjoyed it and would recommend it! Fun and interesting meander around unfamiliar parts of York. Nice treat at the end!"
- Aileen Jones
"A really fun way to explore the beautiful area around York Minster, it made us really look at our surroundings! A super mix of ghost stories and great humour, we loved the fitting end to our quest too!"
- Karen Skeel
"This quest was a fantastic day out, and it's something that everyone can enjoy. The narrative was funny, interesting, and the clues were intriguing but not too hard. It was great exploring more of the city, noticing things I've walked passed 100 times, and seeing new parts of it. I loved learning some of the history of York, and I'll be sure to go at a slower pace the next time I'm there so I can see and learn more. Highly recommend and I hope there's more."
- Alex Hayward

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The Ghost Quest usually takes around 2 hours to complete plus any time you spend stopping for refreshments.

Purchases are valid for a full year. If you've paid to play the Ghost Quest it's up to you when you play - whether that's tomorrow or 364 days from now!

No need to book a specific slot - once you've ordered you'll receive an email containing everything you need, and then you can play any time you like! We do recommend playing in the light as it's more difficult in the dark, and the quest must be finished between 11am and 11pm for the ending to work.

Don't worry! You can pick up from where you left off another day, or if you need help just give us a call.

There are hints available which start subtle and gradually offer more assistance as needed. How many hints you request is completely up to you and your team mates. Remember the main objective is to have fun!

The Ghost Quest works best with 2 - 8 players, although it can be played with more or even just one person alone!

Yes! We consider the Ghost Quest to be family friendly, and it comes with the following trigger warning:
This quest contains story elements describing dramatic (though not graphic or gory) deaths and spirits of the dead.
If you want to know more about this do please ask.

This is an area where we're keen to improve. The Ghost Quest briefly includes some cobbled streets, and the final clue is in a building which is accessed via two steps. Wheelchair users are often able to access the building with assistance from staff. We're aware that this isn't ideal and are actively working to do better here. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please give us a call. We're passionate about equality and accessibility, and will do everything possible to help you to enjoy the game no matter your circumstances.

Absolutely! The Ghost Quest isn't timed so you can stop for a break, a drink, or a sit down as often as you need.

Probably not. The Ghost Quest contains nothing inappropriate for children, but the puzzles are too challenging for children to do alone. The game is perfect for a party as long as there is at least one legal adult keeping an eye on things and helping where needed.

Nope, sorry! Since the Ghost Quest features interactions with specific people and places in York it can only be played in York! But we're keen to bring quests to new places as soon as we can, so drop us an email and suggest where we should build new quests!

Get in touch! Honestly we'd love to hear from you and usually respond to emails on the day they're sent ♥

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We know you're going love The Ghost Quest. If we're wrong, you're guaranteed a full refund.

We'll also have a quick phone call with you to understand what went wrong and how we can do better.